Facebook Lite has been created for cheaper hand-held devices which might not have the cutting edge of technological characteristics available to them. Facebook mobile application. In essence, if you own a cheap Android smartphone and wish to maintain an online relationship with friends on Facebook, then it is recommended that you pick Facebook Lite and not the regular Facebook and the Facebook Messenger apps.

Benefits of Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite uses lower quantities of memory and functions without issues on almost all Android-based devices. Additionally, it consumes less data, and that makes it great if you have low amounts of data available for use or if your location does not provide a good internet connection.

What makes it great is that it permits the sending of PMs (private messages) without the need to download Facebook Messenger. On the negative side of things, Facebook Lite does not allow the use of any video or calling feature available to its desktop counterpart. This should not be considered a problem since those features have a tendency to consume a lot of data, and as such, would only make things worse for the user.

The latest version of Android Lite is version and it’s available for download and installation on your devices. Even if this version does not have any new cool features or options, it is recommended to be installed since it does come with much needed fixes for bugs. In order to install the Facebook Lite version for an Android device, you need to go to the Play Store on your device, look for Facebook Lite version, tap ‘’INSTALL” or ‘’UPDATE’’ and then wait for the installation to complete. Afterwards, simply input either your phone number or email address and then the password.